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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Saturday, August 06, 2011 11:28 am Written by 
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Jackson Hole, Wyoming ' Lena's birthday (Ugh! Let's just say I'm 3?) We packed up and started at the Jackson Hole mountain resort taking the Aerial Tram, which delivers passengers to an elevation of 10,450 feet in fewer than 10 minutes. There are breathtaking views from the start and only get more amazing as you near the top. Definitely a place I'd like to visit in the winter for a little snowboarding and cozying up in front of a fire in one of the numerous cabins in the area.

Even in early August there was still snow on top of the peaks, but not enough to snowboard on. ☺ There are plenty of hiking trails, a cute lodge where you can get a warm drink and a waffle? Who knew there was a 'waffle house' at the top of a mountain and boy are they good! That reminds me, make sure to bring warm clothes because the top is quite a bit colder and a storm or strong winds can roll in quickly. We spent about a good hour or so hiking around taking in all the magnificent views. If you are feeling ambitious there is a 7.5mile trail from the bottom of the Tram to the top of the mountain, maybe next time. You have the option of riding the Tram up and walking down or if you walk up you get a free Tram ride down. The Aerial Tram ride is a must do on your visit to Jackson Hole.

We stayed at an RV park in Wilson, WY that is minutes away from Jackson. People were friendly and we were allowed campfires, so s'mores were definitely on the list. Brett made his fabulous gourmet buffalo burgers, I made my easy guacamole dip and accompanied it with a side of fresh veggies. We thoroughly enjoyed a nice cookout and fun day with a surprise birthday visit from some family members. My sister, brother-in-law and my brand new niece who Brett got to finally meet for the first time! Oh, since it was my birthday there was of course a delicious cake! Yum!

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