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Dallas, Texas

Thursday, October 06, 2011 10:22 am Written by 
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Dallas, Texas - Another annual stop for us along our American journey. We make it a point to visit Brett's cousins and their husbands who all live here. Fortunately most of our friends and family have a knack for cooking. So it's always nice gathering around delicious meals reminiscing and catching up on all the happenings of each others lives. Our hosts, Lisa and Jason, started things off with a cheese fondue along with apples, pears and bread for dipping, yum! Brett's other cousin Kristin and her husband Jason brought some pink champagne, her favorite, to compliment the fondue.

Lisa made a roasted chicken dish that was easy, tender & out of this world delicious! She accompanied it with a cucumber and tomato salad and mustard roasted redskin potatoes. For dessert we had guinea pigs - it's just a joke! We did no eating of the guinea pig. Pierre and Chewy joined us for a nightcap of celery, carrots and parsley while we all enjoyed a nightcap of ChocoVine, a chocolate infused wine that is very delicious.  There are a couple of different brands we've tried and have enjoyed them both. As the evening came to an end, we sadly had to say goodbye and move on the next morning. Thank you for your hospitality and great food! The next day we did have to stop by Robertson's in Wills Point,Texas (right off I-20) for a bite to eat. Robertson's is famously known for their scrumptious ham, fresh summer sausage and great jerky. They have several locations throughout Texas and Oklahoma. We recommend them to all of our family, friends & fans of the show anytime you're in the area. Until next time -

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