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Bozeman, Montana

Tuesday, August 09, 2011 11:10 am Written by 
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Bozeman, Montana - It's a smaller city considering it is home to Montana State University but it boasts natural hot springs, some great restaurants and an awesome computer guru, named Gordon Stevens! Our sole purpose of redirecting our trip to Bozeman was to get our Mac fixed and thanks to Gordon we had our Mac up and running within 24 hours - something that none of the Apple stores we visited could accomplish so quickly.

We spent the day at the Bozeman Hot Springs having a nice workout and afterwards enjoyed the natural hot pools. The gym looks brand new and the best feature, in my opinion is that there is no sulphur smell in the hot springs - even the shower water was from the natural springs! Looking to satisfy our appetites, we asked Chase, the Director of Fitness for a few recommendations; his first was Buffalo Bump Pizza for a nice lunch. Their claim is: "Healthy food made daily in house with the freshest ingredients." You can definitely eat healthy here with some nice alternatives to sandwiches and even a wheat crust pizza.

Weebee's Restaurant - the second recommendation for dinner was Weebee's. Originally created as a coffee shop ('We Be Brewing,' thus Weebee's) has become so much more than just another coffee shop. Upon entering you will notice the coffee bar to your right but they also have smoothies, gelato and baked homemade goods. On the left side and the entire upstairs area are seating areas, but don't forget the bar right up top. The views from the porches on both sides are amazing especially at sundown. I have to give the wait staff kudos for they were all very friendly and accommodating especially seeing as they had to climb a huge staircase every time you needed something - they are definitely in good shape! Rew King, one of two owners, is on the scene daily and proudly boasts a menu full of local and exotic foods. Their motto is "Deliciously Different", which definitely rings true and although they change the menu about every three months there are definitely some favorites that never lose a spot. Some examples are the shrimp & grits and a local Waygu beef dish that we absolutely loved. Every dish from appetizers to desserts are excellent and presented beautifully. We recommend Weebee's anytime you are near the Bozeman area and tell them On The Go Cooking Show sent you!

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