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Orso - Anchorage, Alaska

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It was a long flight to Alaska and needless to say, we were hungry when we got to our hotel. We asked various locals (on the flight out too) where to go eat and they definitely all had their own opinions but there is one name that consistantly came up, Orso. We wanted good, fresh local seafood without paying an arm and a leg so we decided to give it a try. Orso is described as "Alaska grown whenever available then prepared in the flavors and styles of the Mediterranean." They cater to most dietery needs and even offer local brews from their sister restaraunt Glacier Brewhouse. The Brewhouse is a great place to grab a beer, or two, and even a bite to eat (we went there the next night).

Now the nice thing about going out to eat at night in Anchorage is that it stays light until well after 11:30pm in the early summer, later as the summer advances. So, it was completely light when we left our hotel and still light out when we arrived back after dinner! Orso is conveniently located in downtown Anchorage and well within walking distance of most hotels. When we arrived it was quite crowded even though it was pretty late (I guess everyone else forgot it wasn't 5 in the afternoon too), but we found a cozy spot near the bar, our favorite area. Even if you're not a lush, the bar arrangement is pretty spectacular and the entire restaraunt has a great ambiance. The wait staff were all friendly and bared with us asking them all who is actually born and raised in Alaska...our waitress was, but not many others.

We had to start with the Alaskan Seafood Chowder. Now, I've had some of the best clam chowder the east coast has to offer, but with the addition of smoked salmon and bacon this chowder gave them all a run for their money. We wanted to taste a little of their signature Mediterranean flare so we ordered the Mediterranean Sliders and were quite pleased with our selection. When we special ordered a flat bread, the manager Martin was more than accomodating and he said he might even put it on the menu it sounded so good. The creation had flash seared shrimp, oyster mushrooms, spinach, fresh basil, a 5 cheese blend and bacon! Believe or not, we still had room for more food and took Martins suggestion of the Chilled Seafood Verde, wow! It had the right amount of spice and flavor not too mention the outstanding presentation. We were barely able to stuff the delicious Flash Seared Crab Cakes in, which were accented with a pleasant dill flavor. We felt it was best to skip dessert and instead waddled back to our hotel filled to the gill and completely satisfied.  

Thank you to Martin and all the staff at Orso and the Glacier Brewhouse for showing us such a deliciously good time. We will definitely be back on our next trip to Anchorage. If you are near Anchorage be sure to grab a brew and dine here for you won't be disappointed.  Oh, and definitely let them know that On The Go Cooking Show sent you. :) 


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