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Favorite Restaurants

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It was a long flight to Alaska and needless to say, we were hungry when we got to our hotel. We asked various locals (on the flight out too) where to go eat and they definitely all had their own opinions but there is one name that consistantly came up, Orso. We wanted good, fresh local seafood without paying an arm and a leg so we decided to give it a try. Orso is described as "Alaska grown whenever available then prepared in the flavors and styles of the Mediterranean." They cater to most dietery needs and even offer local brews…
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Main street in downtown Park City, Utah is packed with restaurants and trendy boutiques. One restaurant we stumbled upon was Riverhorse On Main. Although located in a very historic part of town the inside is surprisingly modern. In fact, it recently underwent some renovations. Executive Chef and part owner, Seth Adams, is top notch and runs a very tight ship. His restaurant is like a well oiled machine.  Even though he had a large private party and a packed house full of regular customers, the service was speedy and the presentation perfect. All the staff were friendly, knowledgable and prompt…
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Weebee's Restaurant located in Bozeman, MT offers both a majestic surrounding of scenery as well as a fabulous dining experience provided by Chef Peter Kendig. This one of a kind establishment in the Bozeman area places high on our list of recommendations.
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The portobello mushroom sandwich created by Chef Caesar Vasquez at Wild Vines in Anthem, AZ was definitely the highlight. Owners Nancy Ayers recently purchased the restaurant from previous owners and have created a relaxing atmosphere within a quaint community of friendly faces. Wild Vines has our 'On The Go' vote!
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Aspen Peak Cellars at Clifton House Inn is nestled in the mountains of Bailey, Colorado. It may be a little off the beaten path but it's well worth the trip. They are also a bed & breakfast so consider this your destination and not just dinner. 
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